May 24, 2016 – May 28, 2016


Everyman Theatre

Steven Smith (Bottom); Philip Jones (Snout); Henry Nott (Snug); Simon Futty (Amateur Group Director); Paul Fanning (Starveling); Cari Barley (Quince); Ricky Valentine (Flute)     Photo by  Topher McGrillis © RSC


Everyman Theatre Cardiff, Cardiff’s liveliest and most adventurous theatre company, was founded in 1942. It started life as the Unity Theatre Group, focusing on mainly political theatre, but later broke away and embarked on its own policy of presenting experimental live theatre in as professional and interesting a manner as possible.


Rumney Primary School

New Theatre

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 Photos by  Topher McGrillis © RSC

The tag “amateur” does not do justice to the players from Everyman who came on stage to rapturous applause and held it as their own (Wales Online)


A major ingredient and perhaps most enjoyable is the side-splitting play by the Mechanicals (The Reviews Hub)

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