April 19, 2016 – April 23, 2016



Canterbury Players

Hannah Newell (Snout); Sid Moon (Snug); Jim Newberry (Starveling); Sally Elkerton (Amateur group Director); Lisa Nightingale (Bottom); Adam Summers (Flute); Sarah Gooch (Quince)
Photo by  Topher McGrillis © RSC

The Canterbury Players are one of Canterbury’s oldest and most established Dramatics group, refreshed in 2003 after a merger of the Canterbury Dramatics Society (est 1923) and Playcraft (est 1951).

We take a great deal of pride in our productions, with the attitude that amateur does not mean poor quality, and have built up an extensive, loyal following over the years.  WEBSITE

Shakespeare on Tour: Kent

King Ethelbert’s School

Marlowe Theatre

For an account of London’s visit to the Canterbury production please click here


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Photos by  Topher McGrillis © RSC

The six members of The Canterbury Players  are totally at ease with the comedy and the culmination of the ‘Play within a Play’ had the audience, including a large number of children, completely engaged (The Reviews Hub)


It seems unfair to label the newcomers ‘amateurs’, though; all take to the stage with such aplomb that you’d think they’ve been performing with the company all their lives (Theatre Things blog)

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