May 31, 2016 – June 4, 2016


Belvoir Players

Chris Curry (Flute); Chris Darcy (Snout); Tanja Jennings (Amateur group Director); Trevor Gill (Bottom); Jessie Mcgreevy (Starveling); Maggie Gorman (Quince); Robert McGreg (Snug)     Photo by  Topher McGrillis © RSC


The Belvoir Players Amateur Dramatic Society was formed in 1968 in answer to a perceived need for some cultural and artistic outlet in the new housing estate that had recently been built in Belvoir Park. The residents of this new community had arrived from various parts of Belfast and from other areas of the Province. A sense of identity was being created for people from diverse backgrounds and the performances of the players provided a social as well as a cultural and entertainment focus.


St. Malachy’s College


Grand Opera House

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 Photos by  Topher McGrillis © RSC

The so called rude mechanicals were played by actors from the amateur local group the brilliant Belvoir Players. They really acquitted themselves well. (The Irish News)

The Belvoir players as the Mechanicals were inspired – so they were – mingling Shakespeare’s lines with the local, Belfast accent and giving the play a whole new resonance (Huffington Post)

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