2nd From Bottom

There is no doubt that though A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play For The Nation was totally joyous, its demise comes with many a twinge of sadness. In my case the winding down of this blog is a case in point.

But of course life goes on and I hope that means there will still be plenty of general stuff to write and enthuse about. With that in mind I’d therefore like to announce the launch of my next blog 2nd from Bottom (quite tickled with that name)

Here I plan to record the aftermath of playing one of the Mechanicals in a professional production with the Royal Shakespeare Company….and what he did next. I don’t think it will be such a regular or even full blog as this current effort and neither will it have the coherence and continuity that writing about a single subject provided but as an outlet for my verbal incontinence it should pass muster. Look out for further adventures in the world of theatre, some drama, film, music and book reviews, educational musings, reports of outings and the occasional picture of a cat.

To my loyal supporters I hope you will wish to take up the option of following this new blog and to all regular readers please keep coming back for more.

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2nd From Bottom

2 thoughts on “2nd From Bottom

  1. Sue Galloway says:

    Hi John
    I came to see you all at the Barbican – what an amazing production! I have so much enjoyed following your blog and hearing the story of your amazing theatrical experience. Thank you for sharing it with us!
    Best wishes
    Sue Galloway


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