The Bottom’s dropped out…

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OK. So for the second time there’s been a breakdown in getting the blog post about the last night at a venue done and dusted. It’s just too hard to concentrate with all the mixed emotions jangling my nerve endings. Tomorrow….I promise. In the meantime here’s an extremely short piece of video showing us making our debut on the RST stage at Stratford

Also, “all for your delight”, here’s three photos which illustrate Erica’s point about acting sometimes meaning not hanging on to your dignity –

  1. Tom stands outside a somewhat inappropriately named shop in Stratford



2. Peta and I get caught in the lift at the Barbican past the 90 minute cut off point                        (see here for full explanation of this obscure reference)

Illegally using the lift.jpg


3 Adam shows the world his pants


(NB: Maria and Al maintained their dignity at all times – ahem!)

The production runs for four more days in Stratford upon Avon. Click on the image below for details

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The Bottom’s dropped out…

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