Another anniversary

Have I really been blogging on the subject of A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play For The Nation for a whole year? So it would appear from the congratulatory message from WordPress.

1 year blogging

I took the decision to plunge into blogging just a couple of days after the media launch of the project on Midsummer’s Day 2015. I’d already written several articles for the Tower theatre newsletter outlining the process up to that point and these formed the backbone of the blog’s first pieces in order to get more general readers up to speed.

And what an experience it has been since then.

  • 77 blog posts
  • Just shy of 70,000 words
  • Readers from 60 different countries

Although the blog was always going to be secondary to the Dream project itself, it now has a rather special place in my everyday life and I am very glad that I have kept a full account of this momentous escapade even if I’m the only person ever to access it again. It will give me something to look back on with pride and a sense of achievement and perhaps ease the symptoms of Dream withdrawal  – alas the final furlong is fast approaching. It’s amazing to think there has been so much to say since that media launch 12 months ago – the project, the people, the tasks, the workshops, the rehearsals, the performances – and still just a little bit more to come.

Thanks gentle reader for taking the time to join me.

Photo by Topher McGrillis RSC

The production is now back in Stratford upon Avon. Click on the image below for details

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Another anniversary

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