I’m writing this short blog post on the morning of the (for us) culminating week of the project A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play For The Nation. Before setting out for the Barbican and a full day of rehearsals I just wanted to reflect for a moment on what an extraordinary adventure this has been. It’s just shy of a year since we heard the news that our team had been selected to represent London and what an absolute thrill it has been from start to finish.

As a direct result of our good fortune I have got to work with the most prestigious theatrical Shakespeare company in the world all masterminded by their current Deputy Artistic Director. I have rehearsed with 18 professional actors, 7 highly esteemed colleagues, 30 schoolchildren and been supported by countless technical and organisational staff. I have met so many warm, friendly, supportive, like minded individuals from across the country and feel part of an exclusive nationwide club. I have improved my performance skills no end, engaged in challenging tasks, got to see highly skilled professionals at work and genuinely been rewarded with a prize of mammoth proportions – and that’s before any performances have even taken place.

Even that’s not everything. As an indirect result of the project I have taken an academic course on Shakespeare, read a whole slew of books on the man and his writing, enjoyed launch events at the BBC, have had close encounters with celebrities, appeared on radio and television, in newspapers and magazines, learned to use Facebook more effectively and set up and used a Twitter account (now getting on for 2,000 tweets).

I’ve also got to share this experience with blog readers right across the globe (5,000+ views from 50+ countries and counting) and thoroughly enjoyed building up this permanent and unique record of the whole experience.

So, really there’s nothing left to do now but get out there and do it. Methinks it’s all been rather marvellous!


My intention over the next week is to try and write up a daily bulletin of the previous day’s events. This will all depend on what time is available. I know, for instance, that both Monday and Tuesday will be two 12 hour days so any writing will need to be fitted in around this. Anyway, do look out for the daily missives from Planet Dream and hope you’ll be able to come and see us in the next few days. Bottoms up!

This week the  production is  at the Barbican in London– click on the image below to reveal full details.


Evenings at 7.30 Tuesday 17th – Saturday 21st May

Matinées at 1.00 Thursday May 19th & Saturday May 21st

The Tower Theatre performing with the Royal Shakespeare Company at The Barbican


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