The interval

There will now be a full interval while the rude Mechanicals take a break from weaving, carpentering, joining, tailoring, tinkering, bellows mending and, most importantly, acting.


In lieu of a programme to browse through in the interval, here’s some bits and pieces which might be of interest and which I’ve been meaning to share

  • First, the full set of official production photos (here) and professionals’ rehearsal photos (here)
  • Next, an interview for the educational organisation FutureLearn (here)
  • Then, a little something I’ve worked on lately as part of the day job and which I hope will amuse (here)
  • After that, try this fantastic online resource by the BBC about Shakespeare’s legacy around Britain called Shakespeare on Tour (here)
  • Finally, if you haven’t already discovered them yourself, I’m gradually adding a page (as opposed to a post) on each of the tour venues and the group(s) playing there. To access these click on the sidebar ( Sidebar icon )  – top right

Meanwhile  A Midsummer Night’s Dream: A Play For The Nation carries on its own progress around the country. This short video looks at the work of some of the people involved in the tricky logistics

During the next fortnight the production will be at Citizens Theatre in Glasgow and the Grand Theatre in Blackpool – click on the relevant image below to reveal full details. Enjoy the break and see you again soon!



The interval

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