Back to school

Dear Diary

Can’t get to sleep! It’s the night before the new term begins and I’m feeling a bit restless. It must be the thought of starting new big school tomorrow in Clapham with all those other boys and girls.

School badge
School badge

I think the RS College is going to be an odd sort of place as they only seem to study one topic at a time but they do it in great depth for the whole half term. This time round it’s a play by William Shakespeare called A Midsummer Night’s Dream and we’ll be doing that for all lessons. There are some quite unusual subjects, especially in the afternoons when we concentrate on practical skills.  Here’s my timetable:

1 2 3 4 5
Mon English Literature Music Woodwork
Tue Greek Botany Dance Bellows mending
Wed Drama Sociology Weaving
Thur Meteorology Magic Animal welfare Tailoring
Fri Elocution RS PE Tinkering

I expect there will be lots of homework too!

A Midsummer Night’s Dream is quite an old play, I think, but we’re doing it because the writer has some big anniversary coming up this year. Also the text book (A Play For The Nation) says it’s going to bring people together and is supposed to teach us lessons about our lives today. Even though the topic is very old the school is taking quite a modern approach and is encouraging us to work on it mainly in small groups “to support each other through the learning” – at least that’s what it says in Chapter One. Another modern idea is that for part of the time the teacher won’t even be in the classroom with us and we’ll be doing our learning by video – a bit odd that! Anyway they want us to have fun and learn new stuff from the older boys and girls who went back a couple of days ago. I wonder if they have the same worries that we do.

So that’s what we’ll be doing for the next six weeks or so. Towards the end of term all our families and friends will be invited to prize giving where they will see us collect our prizes and we will put on a show for them. Apparently they’re hiring a big hall for this and will be making a DVD of the whole thing so that’s a bit worrying too. I hope my uniform will be ready by then as I’ve only just given in my measurements – hope it fits, whatever it turns out to be. It seems there’s a special type of hat I’ll have to wear made out of fake donkey skin – it’s an old school custom apparently !

Midsummer Dance
Midsummer Dance by Anders Zorn

I think I would have been a little less concerned about the new term if my holiday project had turned out better but perhaps I didn’t choose very wisely. The task was to find out more about the customs of Midsummer. Well, we thought, what better way to do that than visit the country most known for that particular festival – Sweden –  and so off we went for an after Christmas break. Unfortunately it’s not Midsummer in Stockholm but Midwinter and so there wasn’t much evidence of how it all works. However, it was quite nice to see some snow and we had lots of good fish to eat. The Swedes are also obsessed by drinking coffee and talking about what they will do in the Midsummer festival in June – basically eat and drink masses, sing silly songs and do something called the Frog Dance. Rather than bore you by writing it all out, here’s a short video about what happens.

Hope you enjoyed that – it certainly took my mind off what’s coming up when we go through those school gates tomorrow.

Actually, I don’t know what I’m worried about really as the headteacher (Ms Whyman) seems very nice and her two deputies (Ms Sykes and Ms Ivatts) have promised to look after us new kids. The Head Girl (Ayesha) seemed very kind when we met her at the Open Day a few weeks ago. Still you never know what some of the older kids will get up to  – I’ve heard a rumour that they make someone dress  up as a donkey and get them to sing a daft song about birds. Then they make them eat hay out of a bottle; but I’m sure that’s just a silly joke….isn’t it? Soon find out I suppose. Wish me luck!

Back to school

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  1. jacquie.stedman says:

    Good luck new boy… be good and don’t beat up the other kids, especially when they make you wear the donkey hat!!!!


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