Bottom’s Dream

A couple of blog posts ago I related how a challenge to write some poetry on Twitter developed into a full blown exercise to introduce the Tower Dreamteam to the world at large. In brief the idea was to create a short poem with only 140 characters/spaces (including the hashtag) for the RSC’s Play For The Nation project. I ended up composing a cycle of what I dubbed Twittericks focusing on the seven members of our motley crew and the characters they are going to play in A Midsummer Night’s Dream next year. A self-imposed strict time limit of half an hour to compose each of the nine verses led to some dodgy scansion, awkward syntax and erratic punctuation but, however rough, the poems got written. My original plan was to publish these on the blog straight after their first outing on Twitter but having spent the whole post describing the process there was no room for the outcomes. So here, for the very first time in full is “Bottom’s Dream” … because it hath no bottom!


Tower actors chasing a dream
Formed a remarkable team
5 others + Bottom
We found out we’d got ‘em,
So entered the comp -what a scream

David Taylor

Our director David’s no fool
His choice of a cast was quite cool
Maria & Adam,
Tom, Peta & Al…um,
Why did he see me as the mule?

Maria Waters
Maria Waters

Maria is Quince in the flesh
Her routine is wittily fresh
Gets angry–a bit
The men she could hit
It’s just like she’s running a crèche

Adam Moulder
Adam Moulder

The auditioners rated Adam
Confessing he totally had’ em.
One tiny blip
Which gives Flute the pip
He doesn’t like playing the madam!

Tom Tillery
Tom Tillery

Tom (Starveling)’s a boon to our cast
Played many a role in the past
Experience immense
Focus intense
Working with pros- at long last!

Peta Barker
Peta Barker

As Snug you will hear Peta boom
Whenever he enters a room.
Ladies he’ll fright
If they go out at night,
Especially at old Ninny’s tomb

Al Freeman
Al Freeman

Al’s Snout is a joy to behold
As Wall he is plastered & holed
His “cranny or chink”
Makes us all think
His routine is really true gold

John Chapman
John Chapman

That just leaves Bottom- c’est moi
Him with the je ne sais quoi
1 thing’s for sure
Nick’s full of manure
& constantly asking pourquoi?

The Tower Dreamteam
The Tower Dreamteam

Now you have met all our crew
There seems left but one thing to do
To wish you all well
As you fall for the spell
Of AMND – lucky you!

So there we are. I don’t think Carol Ann Duffy’s got anything to worry about and Shakespeare can definitely rest easy. Luckily the Mechanicals scenes are almost exclusively in prose!

Bottom’s Dream

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